The Good Fight S01

CBS‘ The Good Fight er kommet godt fra start: IMDB: 8,5  //  RT: 100% // MC: 80% //

The Good Fight Recaps (autostraddle):
S01E01 – Inauguration – Recap: Lawyers, Lesbians & Money
S01E02 – First Week – Recap: The Other Shoes Drop
S01E03 – The Schtup List – Recap: Trump Voter Blues
S01E04 – Henceforth Known as Property – Recap: FAKE NEWS! Is Forever
S01E05  – Stoppable: Requiem for an Airdate – Recap: The Return of Elsbeth!
S01E06 – Social Media and Its Discontents – Recap: Bad Troll Rising
S01E07 – Not So Grand Jury – Recap: A Grand Old Time
S01E08 – Reddick v Boseman – Recap: Hope v. Change
S01E09 – Self Condemned – Recap: Guilty Non-Pleasures // med Jane Lynch (aka Joyce Wischnia L Word 2 -6) som Federal investigator Madeline Starkey
S01E10 – Chaos – Recap: Say Goodnight, America

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Update 15.marts: ‘The Good Fight’ Renewed for Season 2

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