…Random's ellers ganske fortrinlige liste mangler den eneste kategori, jeg har vinderchancer i – måske lige undtaget årets øg på travbanen – vil jeg hermed gerne tilføje Årets Fald og nominere mig sæl. Og ham der ambassadegehejmeråden, der skvattede i Dronning Dagmars grav.

Ganske vist kommer jeg ikke meget i diplomatkredse, men jeg er ret sikker på, at den slags ikke er comme il faut.

Dorte k – Happy nytår her fra privaten. Overvejer at forfatte en nytårstale, men frygter sagsanlæg fra vor landsmoder, der jo garanteret hænger herinde i Røvkassen hele tiden.

2006 listige lister

Ja, hvad var nu bedst i 2006? – da mit år primært var på krykker og da min musiksmag er arbitrær og aparte og filmsmag særdeles snusket, så synes jeg måske at røvkassens brugere sel' kan opliste årets største oplevelser i Århus og verden…

Kategorinaer ku' være:

01. årets film
02. årets tv-serie
03. årets koncertoplevelse
04. årets plade
05. årets hit
06. årets fuser
07. årets bedste øl
08. årets bedste øg på travbanen
09. årets royale oplevelse
10. årets håmbol-spiller
11. årets melodi grand prix melodi som burde have vundet
12. årets pingvin
13. årets bedste quiz-deltager
14. årets bedste bingoudråber
15. årets tudefjæs
16. årets Kikkæreste
17. årets kæleboks
18. Årets politiker – host,host
19. ….

I finder selv på mere….

– og I behøver ikk' besvarer alle kategorinaer – bare tag dem I synes og kom gerne med flere…

Random – som ikke orker alle de lister…


i håmbol – afvikles som sædvanlig i Arenaen:

Kl. 14.15: Herrefinale: Kolding – Viborg  37 – 33
Kl. 16.15: Damefinale: Slagelse – Viborg  24 – 27

Desværre uden deltagelse af Birthe og Bølgen i B2…


TLW S4 – Episode Guide

Jan 7, 2007 …  #4.01  Legend In The Making 

Bette takes it on the lam with Angelica; Helena has a tough time adjusting to being “poor”; Shane has a drug-and-booze-fueled breakdown; Max seeks help from a transgender support group; a pregnant Kit has a frightful experience at a women’s health clinic; Carla leaves a surprise for Shane at the house.

After the events in Canada, Bette is on the run from authorities with her daughter. Shane reverts back to her old habits but gets a surprise from her father’s wife. Meanwhile, Helena tries to get used to living without her mother’s money, Max attends a support group, and Kit has trouble with her pregnancy.

Written By: Ilene Chaiken
Directed By: Bronwen Hughes

Guest Stars:
Rosanna Arquette (Cherie Peroni), Karina Lombard (Marina Ferrer), Jane Lynch (Joyce Wischnia), Peter Wingfield (Whit Strobel), Olivia Windbiel (Angelica), Kristopher Shepard (Sergio), Paul Anthony (Felix), Aidan Jarrar (Shay), Bruce Dawson (Donald), Sarah-Jane Redmond (Carla), Victoria Bidewell (Nurse), Sandra Timuss (Receptionist), Elodie Bouchez (Claude)

id 127451

Jan 14, 2007 …  #4.02 Livin’ La Vida Loca  

Alice hooks up with the “web-famous” seductress Papi (Janina Gavankar); a gay writer (Heather Matarazzo) gets Jennifer to open up in an interview; and Bette’s new dean (Cybill Shepherd) confides in her. Also, the new head of the studio orders Tina to do some of his dirty work; Max has a date with the boss’s daughter.

Alice meets Papi, a girl who lights up on The Chart even more than Shane. Jenny is interviewed by a gay writer. Bette’s new boss has some surprising news for her. After Helena’s departure, a new guy takes the reigns at the studio as Tina’s new boss. Meanwhile, Max goes out on a date with a straight girl.

Written By: Alexandra Kondracke
Directed By: Marleen Gorris

Guest Stars:
Alberto Davila Jr. (Students), James Michael Bobby (Phyllis’ Assistant), Tristin Leffler (Marta), Mark Krysko (Isaac), Nikki Boyer (Students), Shawn Ridout (Skater), Peter Hanlon (Preston Gavin), Rasika Mathur (Students), Matias Hacker (Gustavo), Chilton Crane (Tricia), Cybill Shepherd (Phyllis Kroll), Alex Rockhill (Chef), Bruce Dawson (Donald), Jessica Capshaw (Nadia), Lynn A. Henderson (Professor (as Lyn Alicia Henderson)), Shaker Paleja (Eric), Heather Matarazzo (Stacey Merkin), Juan Carlos Velis (Cook (as Juan-Carlos Velis)), Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman (Cowboy), Jose Vargas (Mexican Guy), Claire Carreras (Drag King), Luis Javier (Latino Man), Gustavo Febres (Drag Queens), Christopher Gaze (Waiter), Hugo Ateo (Drag Queens), Nelson Wong (Colorist), Lesley Ewen (Butch Lesbian), Marcia Moulton (Receptionist), Chelsea Hobbs (Brooke), Adrien Dorval (Trucker), Brian Markinson (Aaron Kornbluth)

id 127452

Jan 21, 2007 …  #4.03 Lassoed

Tina hosts “a mixer for [her] gay and straight friends”; Bette’s boss (Cybill Shepherd) invites herself to a “crazy, hot women’s party” at the Planet; Shane offers Helena a job at her shop; Angus is offered a record deal; Shane tries to get Shay enrolled in the local public school; Bette’s teaching assistant is hot for teacher.

Tina throws a party for the girls at The Planet and Bette’s boss wants a part of the action. Penniless Helena is looking for a job. Shane takes care of her little brother, Angus gets some good news, and at the art college, Bette’s teaching assistant is having feelings for her.

Written By: Ilene Chaiken
Directed By: Tricia Brock

Guest Stars
Preston Cook (James), Steven Eckholdt (Henry), Jessica Capshaw (Nadia), Cybill Shepherd (Phyllis Kroll), Elizabeth Marleau (Rochelle), Caleb Rogers (Mikey), Chelsea Hobbs (Brooke), Carrie Colak (Mindy), Alfred E. Humphreys (Dick Petersen), Chilton Crane (Tricia), Bruce Dawson (Donald), Aidan Jarrar (Shay)

id 127453

Jan 28, 2007 …  #4.04 Layup  

A resident artist (Marlee Matlin) angers a wealthy donor whom Bette is trying to impress; Alice accepts Papi’s challenge to a pickup basketball game; Max opens up to Brooke, with disastrous results; Alice enjoys a liaison with an “older vintage” lover; Shay has an accident, leaving Shane with a huge hospital bill; Jenny plots revenge against a magazine critic.

Jodi’s controversial art upsets a potential donor for the college. Papi challenges Alice to a basketball game. Max reveals a secret to his girlfriend, and Jenny’s book gets bad reviews in the press. Meanwhile, Shane is struggling to scrape up money for a hospital bill.

Written By: Elizabeth Ziff
Directed By: Jessica Sharzer

Guest Stars
Cybill Shepherd (Phyllis Kroll), Jon Wolfe Nelson (Tom Mater), Aidan Jarrar (Shay), Caroline Cave (Lindsay), Liza Ulrych (Woman at shelter), Deryl Hayes (Man at shelter), Donna White (Sydney), Chelsea Hobbs (Brooke), Ulla Friis (Hazel), Kristanna Loken (Paige Sobel), Jessica Capshaw (Nadia)

id 127454

Feb 4, 2007 …  #4.05 Lez Girls

Bette’s liaison with her teaching assistant (Jessica Capshaw) poses a threat to her university job; Alice decides to stop seeing Phyllis (Cybill Shepherd) after meeting her husband; Tina catches Angus with his pants down; Jenny’s short story in a magazine ticks off Alice.

Bette’s forbidden relationship with her TA, Nadia, could jeopardize her career. Alice, on the other hand, ends her affair with a married woman after meeting her husband. She also gets upset by one of Jenny’s short stories which gets published in a magazine. Meanwhile, Angus is caught in a compromising position.

Written By: Ilene Chaiken
Directed By: John Stockwell (Blue Crush)

Guest Stars
Caleb Rogers (Mikey (voice) (uncredited)), MacGareo Thomas (Waiter at Restaurant), Jackson Allan (Jared), Fraser Corbett (Cute Male Student), Alyssa Pridham (Ruby), Olivia Windbiel (Angelica), Ken Tremblett (Webster Ash), Pablo Silveira (Waiter at House), Dean Paul Gibson (Douglas Chibi), Bryan Demore (Messenger), Ulla Friis (Hazel), Jon Wolfe Nelson (Tom Mater), Caroline Cave (Lindsay), Aidan Jarrar (Shay), Bruce Dawson (Donald), Cybill Shepherd (Phyllis Kroll), Bruce Davison (Leonard Kroll), Heather Matarazzo (Stacey Merkin), Kristanna Loken (Paige Sobel), Steven Eckholdt (Henry)

Feb 11, 2007 …  #4.06 Luck Be A Lady  

A busy Bette engages in a new romance, bangs heads with Tina about their baby’s preschool and deals with Alice’s split from Bette’s boss, Phyllis (Cybill Shepherd); Helena, Shane and Alice get a poker lesson.

Bette hooks up with a new lover, disagrees with Tina about Angelica’s education, and tries to help her boss get over a break-up. Meanwhile, Helena, Shane and Alice try to learn how to play poker.

Written By: Angela Robinson
Directed By: Angela Robinson (DEBS)

Guest Stars
Preston Cook (James), Daniel Bacon (Guy Co-Worker), Andre Fex (Mr. Stewart), Jackson Allan (Jared), Grace Sherman (Megan), Alyssa Pridham (Ruby), Vanessa Tomasino (Little Nicki (as Vanesa Tomasino)), David Lewis (IV) (Mitch), Bruce Dawson (Donald), G. Patrick Currie (Miles (as Patrick Currie)), Marc Dion (Waiter), Enid-Raye Adams (Tiffany), Olivia Windbiel (Angelica), Jon Wolfe Nelson (Tom Mater), Guy Fauchon (Burt), Carrie Anne Fleming (Saskia Phillips), Sandrine Holt (Catherine Rothberg), Cybill Shepherd (Phyllis Kroll), Aidan Jarrar (Shay), Caroline Cave (Lindsey), Kristanna Loken (Paige Sobel), Heather Matarazzo (Stacey Merkin)

Feb 18, 2007 …  #4.07 Lesson Number One

Hollywood producers express interest in Jenny’s short story about her friends; Helena looks for a way out of her poker debt; Alice’s new girlfriend has troubling flashbacks to the war in Iraq; Phyllis is consoled by Bette and her new girlfriend.

While Helena struggles to pay her debts, a movie studio is interesting in filming one of Jenny’s stories. Both Alice and Bette are in new relationships. While Tasha is having trouble letting go of her past, Bette and Jodi get the task of helping Phyllis get over a break-up.

Written By: Ariel Schrag
Directed By: Moises Kaufman

Guest Stars
Kristanna Loken (Paige Sobel), Aidan Jarrar (Shay), Sandrine Holt (Catherine Rothberg), Cybill Shepherd (Phyllis Kroll), Jon Wolfe Nelson (Tom Mater), Jackson Allan (Jared), Brian Markinson (Aaron Kornbluth), Alfred E. Humphreys (Dick Petersen), Peter Benson (II) (Dad), Sam Sabbah (MP), Haili Page Philippe (Girl #1), Cheryl Hunter (Specialist Sochynsky), Evan Jensen (Helicopter Pilot), Camille Mitchell (Becca)

Feb 25, 2007 …  #4.08 Lexington & Concord  

Jenny plots revenge on a critic; Alice and Tasha become romantically involved despite disagreeing about the war in Iraq; Tina meets Bette’s new lover, Jodi (Marlee Matlin); Kit goes public about Angus’s infidelity.

A heated argument over politics turns into passion for Alice and Tasha. Shane and Paige grow closer. Kit has a public breakdown and exposes Angus. Meanwhile, Tina gets introduced to Jodi, and Jenny is still scheming on how to get even with Stacey Merkin.

Written By: Ilene Chaiken
Directed By: Jamie Babbit (But I’m a Cheerleader)

Guest Stars
Aidan Jarrar (Shay), Valerie Tian (Dierdre), Jason Schombing (Joe), Michael Phenicie (Brian), Kevin Crofton (Chubster), Camille Mitchell (Becca), Simone Bailly (Grace), Jackson Allan (Jared), Alex Ferris (Wilson), Eileen Bui (Jun Ying), Kristanna Loken (Paige Sobel), Sandrine Holt (Catherine Rothberg), Eric Roberts (Gabriel McCutcheon)

Mar 4, 2007 …  #4.09 Lacy Lilting Lyrics  

Tina and Jenny clash about the development of their film; Alice consoles Phyllis’s jilted husband; Bette and Jodi’s relationship gets stronger, despite Bette’s Type-A personality.

Jenny and Tina look for the right movie director but butt heads over creative differences. Phyllis’ husband drops by unannounced at Alice’s place. Bette is falling hard for Jodi and lets her emotions interfere with her work. Kit manages to crack through Papi’s hard outer shell – with unexpected consequences.

Written By: Cherien Dabis
Directed By: Bronwen Hughes

Guest Stars
Jon Wolfe Nelson (Tom Mater), Jackson Allan (Jared), Aidan Jarrar (Shay), Tara Nicole Schwartz (Dancers (as Tara Nicole Hughes)), Nina McNeely (Dancers), Justine Clark (Dancers), Lisa Eaton (Dancers), Tara Avise (Dancers), Nanci Anderson (Dancers), Gabrielle Rose (Carol), Peter Hanlon (Preston), Igor Morozov (Boris), John Stockwell (Himself), Garry Marshall (Himself), Lawrence Bender (Himself), Joey Aresco (Director), Amanda Barrett (Ditty Bops), Abby DeWald (Ditty Bops), Anna Campbell (Lesbian Fan), Andrew Hedge (First AD), Kristanna Loken (Paige Sobel), Karina Lombard (Marina Ferrer), Deanne Bray (Amy Reed), Cybill Shepherd (Phyllis Kroll), Simone Bailly (Grace), Daniella Evangelista (Rebecca), Bruce Dawson (Donald), Daniel Bacon (Male Employee), Tanya Champoux (Female Employee), Peter Jenkins (Buttoned Up Executive), Eric Roberts (Gabriel McCutcheon), Bruce Davison (Leonard Kroll)

Mar 11, 2007 …  #4.10 Little Boy Blue  

Kit hits the bottle in an attempt to get over Angus, who wants desperately to apologize for cheating on her; and Alice finds potential investors in her blog. Elsewhere, Jenny thinks she’s found a director for her movie; Bette’s control issues rear their ugly head.

Her break-up from Angus causes Kit to relapse into drinking. Bette introduces Jodi to the rest of the girls over a dinner, but her bossy attitude doesn’t sit well with Jodi. Alice discovers potential investors on her website. Meanwhile, Jenny and Tina agree on a director, Kate Arden, who becomes interested in Tina.

Written By: Elizabeth Ziff
Directed By: Karyn Kusama (Girlfight)

Guest Stars
Olivia Windbiel (Angelica), Annabella Sciorra (Kate Arden), Simone Bailly (Grace), Winston Rekert (Catherine Rothberg), Sandrine Holt (Catherine Rothberg), Deanne Bray (Amy Reed), Kristanna Loken (Paige Sobel), Tara Frederick (Sioban), Fran Gebhard (Connie), Ken Camroux (Father O’Shea (as Ken Camroux-Taylor)), Myk Gordon (Racetrack Clerks), Robin Douglas (Racetrack Clerks), Aleks Holtz (Private Brown), Haley Beauchamp (Maggie), Jackson Allan (Jared)

Mar 18, 2007 … #4.11 Literary License to Kill  

Bette braces for the possibility of losing Jodi (Marlee Matlin), who’s been offered a position at an art center on the East Coast; Alice’s lover, Tasha, is haunted by flashbacks to her tour of duty in Ira
q, where she fell victim to the military’s “Don’t ask, don’t tell” policy on homosexuality.

Bette finds out that Jodi’s been offered a job at an art center on the East Coast. Tasha’s memories of the war continue to haunt her, and she ordered to keep her sexual orientation a secret. Meanwhile, Shane plans a surprise for Paige, Helena is kicked out of the hotel, and Max comes to a decision regarding his job.

Written By: Ilene Chaiken
Directed By: John Stockwell (Blue Crush)

Guest Stars
Kristanna Loken (Paige Sobel), Preston Cook (James), Bruce Davison (Leonard Kroll), Annabella Sciorra (Kate Arden), Clementine Shepherd-Ford (Molly Kroll (as Clementine Ford)), David Lewis (IV) (Mitch), Grace Sherman (Megan), Larry Kennar (Himself), Crystal Balint (Lisa Johnson), Bruce Dawson (Donald), Peter Hanlon (Preston), Simone Bailly (Grace), Jackson Allan (Jared), Jon Wolfe Nelson (Tom Mater), Cybill Shepherd (Phyllis Kroll), Steven Eckholdt (Henry)

Mar 25, 2007 … #4.12 Long Time Coming 

Tina goes back to being a lesbian, which has Bette seeking her advice on how to reconcile with Jodi; Shane’s relationship with Paige heats up; Tasha is called back into military service in Iraq; Phyllis seeks a divorce; Jenny is in danger of getting fired from her own movie.

Bette seeks Tina’s advice on how to get Jodi back, but is surprised to learn that Tina no longer wants to be straight. Alice is devastated when Tasha is called in for another tour in Iraq. Meanwhile, Phyllis seeks divorce, Jenny is excluded in any decisions regarding the movie, and Helena frees herself from Catherine’s tangles.

Written By: Ilene Chaiken
Directed By: Ilene Chaiken

Guest Stars



TLW S4 – Episode music

401 Legend in the Making

EzGirl … Dana & Alice
EzGirl … Intervention
EzGirl … Ocean
EzGirl … At the Window

Sweatshop Union … President’s Choice – http://www.sweatshopunion.com/ 
The Emotions … Any Way You Look At It – http://www.theemotionsweb.com/ 
Kid Moxie … Ma Romance D’Hiver –   http://www.myspace.com/kidmoxie / http://www.kidmoxie.com/mp3.html / http://www.kidmoxie.com/maromance.mp3 
Devi 2000 … Ganesha Sharanam (Preston Klik Remix) – http://www.devi2000.com/mp3/Ganesha_Sharanam.mp3 / http://www.devi2000.com/ 
Motor … Black Powder – http://www.myspace.com/motor66 
EzGirl … Black Powder Guitar
EzGirl … Into Clinic
Hybrid … Theme From Wide Angle – http://www.hybrid-group.com/ 
EzGirl … Leaving the Clinic
Miss Tyree Sugar Jones … If You Feel It – http://www.numerogroup.com/ 
Shiny Toy Guns … Le Disko – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s7gCRSH6sec 

The Emotions … Running (Back and Forth)
The Staple Singers … Washington We’re Watching You – http://www.soultracks.com/staple_singers.htm 
Margie Joseph … Your Sweet Lovin – http://www.margiejoseph.com/ 
EzGirl … New Years Eve
Sierra Swan … Shakedown – http://www.myspace.com/sierraswan / http://www.sierraswan.com/ 
EzGirl … Porch
Julie Driscoll Brian Auger & The Trinity  … Save Me – http://www.vh1.com/artists/az/driscoll_julie/bio.jhtml 

Episode 401 Music Legend in the Making

402 Livin’ La Vida Loca

EzGirl … Recap
Jenny Peer … La Carretilla
Betty … The L Word Theme
EzGirl … Shay Overhears
Mable John … Running Out
Veda Brown … Short Stoppin
Jean Knight … Carry On
EzGirl … Nadia Job
Deborah Glasgow … Champion Lover
Studio Musicians … Waltz From Coppelia
Studio Musicians 5 Alarm Music … Teresita
Queen Omega … Never Run From Jah
Sol … No Me Hablas Así
Chelo Silva … Esta Noche Tu Vendras (30sec)
EzGirl … Max finishes date
Studio Musicians … Salve Me
Studio Musicians … Mozart Concerto #23
EzGirl … Helena Meets Papi 1
EzGirl … Helena Meets Papi 2
EzGirl … Helena Meets Papi 3
EzGirl … UCLA BI 0:07
L7 … Wargasm – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FKVhQ9aXZYE 
Bikini Kill … Rebel Girl – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T_q3SzrwT8A 
EzGirl … Shane Looking 1
The Hedrons … Couldn’t Leave Her Alone – http://www.thehedrons.com/jukebox/Alone.mp3 
EzGirl … Shane Looking 2
Ranchera All Stars feat. Maria E. Garcia … Fallaste Corazon


#403: Lassoed

1 Recap… ezgirl 
2 Random Act… ezgirl 
3 Main Title… BETTY 
4 Nadia Exits… ezgirl 

5 Alice… Yael and the PalmTrees – http://www.myspace.com/deckelbaum 
6 Phyllis Wants To Go… ezgirl
7 Money Trouble… Annie Hayden – http://www.anniehayden.com/http://www.myspace.com/anniehayden 
8 Our Love… Rhett Miller – http://www.rhettmiller.com/ 
9 Hey Kids… David Usher – http://www.davidusher.ca/ 
10 Secret Love… Kathy Kirby – http://www.radioblogclub.com/open/92869/kathy_kirby/Kathy%20Kirby%20-%20Secret%20Love 
11 Shake a Leg… Margaret Lewis
12 La Resi Dei Conti a/k/a Sixty Seconds to What…Ennio Morricone – 
13 Shake a Leg… Margaret Lewis – http://rcs.law.emory.edu/rcs/ss/02/ss2617.mp3 
14 Reconsider Me… Margaret Lewis
15 Angus Pull out… ezgirl 
16 Ooh La La… Goldfrapp – http://www.goldfrapp.co.uk/ 
17 Phylis Inquires… ezgirl
18 Limozine… RTX
19 Sugar and Spring… Edible Red – http://www.myspace.com/ediblered 
20 Max Sweating … ezgirl
21 Sugar and Spring… Edible Red – http://www.ediblered.com/media/sugarspring.mp3 
22 Phyllis and Alice on a Date… ezgirl
23 Never Learn To Cry… The Rogers Sisters – http://www.therogerssisters.com/downloads 
24 Walking Away… ezgirl
25 Complicated (END SONG)… The Cliks – http://www.thecliks.com/music.htm 


#404: Layup

1 Recap– ezgirl
2 Main Title– BETTY
3 Shouting Out Love– The Emotions
4 Music to Watch Girls By– Andy Williams
5 Elder Soul Sister– One Hot Suzy
6 Je Ne Te Connais Pas– Prototypes – http://mintyfresh.com/promo/prototypes/01_je_ne_te_connais_pas.mp3 
7 Heart Of Iron– Tony Salvatore
8 Statue– ezgirl
9 Picture– ezgirl
10 Love You Better– God-Des & She – http://www.god-des.com/mp3/god-des–love-you-better.mp3 
11 Classroom– ezgirl
12 Fire To Me — Hyper vs. the Crystal Method – 
13 Another Day– The Majestic Arrows
14 Boys Wanna Be Her (END SONG)– Peaches


#405: Lez Girls

2- Main Title– BETTY 
3- Sounder Dying– ezgirl 
4- Paralyzed– Betty Wright 
5- ‘Tain’t Nobody’s Buszness If I Do” Mary Stallings – http://www.maxjazz.com/stallings/ 
6- Analingus– ezgirl 
7- Bring It Back– Alyssa Pridham – http://www.alyssapridham.com/ 
8- Tina & Henry in The Bushes– ezgirl 
9- Max Relived– ezgirl
10- Crossing the Street– ezgirl
11- Blues by F
ive–Miles Davis 
12- Runaway–Lazy 
13- You Ain’t Gotta Lie– De La Cruz 
14- Heavy–Jennifer Johns – http://www.myspace.com/jenniferjohns 
15- Everything Is…–Tigarah – http://www.velocitymw.com/tigarah/mp3/Tigarah-Everything-R.mp3 
16- Shooting Star–Les Baxter 
17– Tick Tock–Mz. Fontaine 
18- Way Out– Lazy 
19- Daylight– Lazy – Amazon
20- Tender Love (END SONG)– Jill Sobule – http://www.jillsobule.com/Media/TenderLove.mp3 

#406: Luck Be A Lady

1-Recap– ezgirl 
2-Funky Thang– The Bar-Kays
3-Main Title– BETTY
4-Phone Tree– ezgirl
5-Buns O’ Plenty– Issac Hayes
6-Sur Te Pas (Corny Dream Mix)– Autour De Lucie – http://autourdelucie.artistes.universalmusic.fr/ 
7-Silve– Bonobo
8-Poker Game– ezgirl 
9-Intechmode– ezgirl 
10-You’ve Been Spiked– Chris Joss
11-Monterey Blues– Virginia Mayhew
12-An Awakening — Vana – http://www.vanamusic.com/ 
13-Monterey Blues– Virginia Mayhew
14-String Intro– ezgirl
15-Luck Be A Lady– Brian Setzer
16-Final Sting– ezgirl

#4.07 Lesson Number One  

1- Recap– ezgirl
2- Main Title– BETTY
3-J enny Buries Sounder 1– ezgirl
4- Jenny Buries Sounder 2– ezgirl
5- There is a god– The Staple Singers
6- Max Day Dream—ezgirl 
7- Glad about you– Linda Ballintine
8- Paige Volunteers–ezgirl
9- Lunch Truck–ezgirl
10- Boozinbacher– One Hot Suzy
11- Soulcane — One Hot Suzy
12- Weak Spot– Ruby Johnson
13- Early Morning Mood– Chet Baker
14- Traning Base– ezgirl
15- Walking up to the helicopter– ezgirl
16- Sex, Fashion and money– The Grabs – http://www.thegrabs.com/ 
17- Inside Helicopter–ezgirl
18- Eve’s Temptation– James Bullet
19- She — James Bullet
20- My Sister Is Gay- ezgirl
21- Love Sucker– X-Lover
22- Barnyard (END SONG)– BETTY


#408: Lexington & Concord

1- Recap–ezgirl
2- Teaser–ezgirl
3- Main Title–BETTY
4- Got to On–Shirley Brown – http://www.shirleybrown.com/ 
5- Enough Of You Love–Jaymes Bullet
6- Transition–ezgirl
7- Rope Me In And Smoke Me–Lizzie West – http://www.appleseedrec.com/lizziewest/ 
8- Transformation–Nona Hendryx – http://www.nonahendryx.com/main.html 
9- Film Noir–BETTY
10- Via Veneto –Les Baxter – http://www.lesbaxter.com/front.html 
11- Born Under A Bad Sign–Booker T & The MG’s – http://staxrecords.free.fr/bookert.htm 
12- Bareback–ezgirl
13- Show Me Yours–Breithaunt Bros
14- Via Veneto –Les Baxter
15- Los Pollos– – http://www.rumbacalzada.com/themusic.htm 
16- Generations–
17- Just Another Soldier–The Staple Singers
18- Little Girl–Joshua Klipp – http://www.myspace.com/cutelittlewhiteguy 
19- Bareback–ezgirl
20- 192020–The Grates – http://www.thegrates.com/mms://media1.soundbuzz.com/uploadedvideos/UV_5131984_HI.wmv 
21- Yr Mangled Heart–Gossip – http://www.myspace.com/gossipband 
22- Fallen(END SONG)–Rue – http://www.ruemusic.com/http://www.myspace.com/ruetracks 

#409: Lacy Lilting Lyrics

1 – Recap– ezgirl
2 – Teaser– ezgirl
3 – Main Title– BETTY
4 – First Pitch– ezgirl
5 – Stone– Bitch – http://www.bitchmusic.com/ 
6 – Solar — Chet Baker – http://www.chetbaker.net/ 
7 – Falling Asleep– Adrienne Pierce – http://media.nettwerk.com/mp3/download.php?filename=AdrPi/AdrPi_FalAs.mp3 
8 – Leonard Arrives– ezgirl
9 – Leonard Speaks– ezgirl
10- Phyllis Shows Up– ezgirl
11- Isle of Cuba– Les Baxter
12- 100% Light– Yael And The Palmtrees – http://www.g-stoned.com/releases/item_detail.php?ItemID=253 
13- Headphones– ezgirl
14- Shane driveway– ezgirl
15-Fun — Bahamadia – http://www.myspace.com/bahamadia 
16-Max and Grace– ezgirl
17-Morning– People’s Hi-Fi
18- Hotel — Chet Baker – http://www.chetbaker.net/ 
19-B– Rivkaa – http://www.myspace.com/rivkaa 
20- Snare Roll — ezgirl
21- Lez Girls- ezgirl/The Ditty Bops
22-Sister Kate (END SONG)– The Ditty Bops – http://www.thedittybops.com/ 

#410: Little Boy Blue

1-Recap– ezgirl
2-Invest In My Love– Janina Gavankar – http://www.janinagavankar.com/mp3/InvestInMyLove.mp3 
3-Main Title– BETTY
4-Invest In My Love– Janina Gavankar – http://www.janinagavankar.com/ 
5- Family—ezgirl 
6- Bette and Jodie– ezgirl
7-Love Sweet Love– Hathaway
8-You’ve Got A Cushion To Fall On– Carla Thomas – http://staxrecords.free.fr/carla.htm 
9-Changes Made– Helen Humes – http://www.womeninkentucky.com/site/music/humes.html 
10-Sunny Day – tonealy
11-Placing the Bet– ezgirl
12- Stuka Stunt– Motor
13-Tropicando — Les Baxter
14-It’s Over– Lazy – http://www.lazylazylazy.com/ 
15-Jungle Montuno– Les Baxter
16-Dust Like (END SONG)– Costanza – http://www.costanza.tv/

#411: Literary License to Kill

2-Magic Tree–Kristen Price
3-Main Title–BETTY
4-Dykes On Bikes–ezgirl
5-Burnt Biscuits–Booker T & The MG’s
6-Megan Transitions–ezgirl
7-Tomorrrow People Teflon Dub–Teflon Dons
9-God Knows–El Perro Del Mar – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vr8WcwOKqxo 
10-Paint By Numbers–The Sound – http://www.newlinerecords.com/media/TheSounds-Painted.mp3 
11-Something Different–Katastrophe – http://www.katastropherap.com/music.html 
12-Man Enough–Katastrophe – http://www.katastropherap.com/enoughman.mp3 
13-Dream–Bardi and Noemi [mp3]
14-Alice on Base–ezgirl
15-15 minutes–Johnny Boy – http://www.myspace.com/johnnyboyuk 
16-Ride The White Horse–Goldfrapp
17-You Never Know–Goldfrapp

#412: Long Time Coming

1-Recap– ezgirl
2-How Long– Toshi Reagon
3-Main Title– BETTY
4-We’ve Got to Get Ourselves Together– The Staple Singers
5-Action– Bomber
6-Tasha Leaves– ezgirl
7-Helena’s Note– ezgirl
8-Drinking– Issac Hayes
9-Gotta Get Some– ezgirl
10- Portrait of an Artist As a Young Woman (Thank You)– Lizzie West & the White Buffalo
11-Max’s Moment– ezgirl
12-C’mon DJ– Mr.Airplane Man
13-Commit a Crime– Mr.Airplane Man
14-6 In The Morning– Client
15-A Surreal Moment– ezgirl
16-Tina Sighs– ezgirl
17-Before We Begin– Broadcast
18-How Long — Toshi Reagon
19-Dear Mr.President– Pink featuring Indigo Girls

Det skete i de dage..

Beretning om en nær perfekt juleaften:

!550: Dorte k indfinder sig i Bibi's hjem. Med en glad klirrren

1602: Bibi og Dorte k danser den særprægede hoveddans, der viser, at man enten hører pornomusik eller "For nu…er…julen…kommen….!"

1630: Bibi og Dorte k græder af glæde, da musen stikker hele armen gennem nåleøjet

1650: Bibi og Dorte k enes om at verden er af lave da nogle biler, der er mere animerede end os selv taler sammen på en mark

1720: Bibi afslører, at ekstramaterialet på Olsenbande-dvd'erne inkluderer Yvonnes skideballer. Det konkluderes, at julen fører til "udlændighed, fordøjelselsbesvær og drukfældighed". Der skåles – og knibes en tåre – for Kirsten Walther.

1725: Aftenens første afsnit af Matador vises.

1740: Aftenens tredie tåre fældes, da Agnes får 100 kr af Hans Christian.

1850: Anden udtages af ovnen og parteres af Dorte k. Hvilket medfører den hidtil ukendte ret plukand.

1910: Dorte k er færdig med at æde. 

2000: Bibi er færdig med at æde.

2011: Der vaskes op. Det skal man jo.

2030: Der åbnes en flaske portvin og Bibi pakker op. Og har sågar en pakke til Dorte k. Nårh… 

2100: Dorte k frydes over sin Matador guld-video, men alligevel ses afsnittet, hvor Maude redder hr Stein i grisebilen. Æj altså..

2120: Dorte k skriver noget fordrukkent vrøvl i Bibis gæstebog. Sådan en har hun nemlig.

2300: Der tales mere og mere og mere og mere utydeligt i mobiltelefoner: "Scjædelig cjul", og "sak for ckhaven" afbryder Matador.

0030: Det eneste, der adskiller Bibi fra et lig, er den festlige savværks-lyd. Dorte k er ligeglad og drikker en øl til.

0130: Elisabeth Friis har nu to hoveder og Dorte k belaver sig på at finde hjem via en hyrevogn.

0132: Alle hyrevogne i Jylland kører i garage. Dorte k går hjem fra Viby. I betragtning af at sovsen bestod af andefedt og fløde er det måske ikke så dumt.

0300: Dorte k går til sengs.

0600: Dorte k vågner og tror i et anfald af andefedts/motionsvanvid at hun har sovet første juledag bort. Bedste kur er nok at drikke vand og delagtiggøre sagesløs verden i gøren og laden.

Dorte k – nu ædru



Der findes ikke meget,

der er mere uklædeligt, end at stå med armen dybt begravet i en svømmefugl…

Nu vi er ved mad, så har jeg jo helt glemt at omtale den uvederhæftige historie om at soja-produkter gør (drenge)børn homoseksuelle pga. indholdet af østrogen! – det skal dog bemærkes at:

P.S.: Soy sauce is fine. Unlike soy milk, it’s perfectly safe because it’s fermented, which changes its molecular structure. Miso, natto and tempeh are also OK, but avoid tofu.

Jamen jeg undgår så vidt det er muligt tofu… – undersøgelsen omtaler dog ikke hvilken indflydelse soja har på pigebørn (og pingviner)…


Stadig ingen bønner

Der sker ikk’ en rygende fis… – nu er der gået 18 dage

Random – som til gengæld er den lykkelige indehaver af en sachertorte, medbragt af moderskibet – hvorfor kan man ikke bare få Irmakaffe?…

Madonna på tv Zulu

De rare mennesker på tv Zulu har dedikeret den 23. december aften programmet til Madonna:

20.00     Parkinson møder Madonna

20.50     Madonna – I'm Going to Tell You a Secret
Svenske Jonas Åkerlunds nye dokumentarfilm om pop-dronningen Madonna er den første siden den spektakulære "I seng med Madonna" fra 1991.

22.55     Madonna – The Confessions Tour Live From London
Popdronningen på scenen i Wembley Arena. (inklusiv kors scenen)

Er lesbiske i virkeligheden fra Rom?

Folketinget.dk kan man nu læse en særdeles underholdende meningsudveksling fra førstebehandlingen af de radikales lovforslag om ligestilling af forældrepar af samme køn.

Debatten indeholder bl.a. at Dansk Folkeparti tager det som en kompliment at blive kaldt mørkemænd, at en storrygende præst drager paralleller til Roms forfald, at formanden af sit hjertes godhed udvider taletiden fra 1 minut til 60 sekunder, at taleren irettesættes for blasfemi og at Pernille Rosenkranz-Theil sætter en kasse øl på højkant!

Yderst informativt. Og ganske underholdende!