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The L Word: Generation Q // Efterårspremiere på Sho. Serien bliver på otte afsnit.

#thelword // #TheLWord

Update 10.juni: The L Word: Generation Q script page reveals new characters.

Update 24.juni: De nye karakterer:

As a follow up to the original series which ran on the premium cabler from 2004-2009, The L Word: Generation Q continues to follow the intermingled lives of Bette Porter (Beals), Alice Pieszecki (Hailey) and Shane McCutcheon (Moennig), along with new characters Dani Nùñez (Mandi), Micah Lee (Sheng), Sarah Finley (Toboni) and Sophie Suarez (Zayas) as they experience love, heartbreak, sex, setbacks and success in L.A.

L Word is back!

‘The L Word’ Sequel Ordered to Series at Showtime. De otte nye episoder forventes at få premiere i slutningen af 2019. Carmen de la Pica Morales er med //

#TheLWord //

L Word remembered

Fra søndag den 18.januar 2004 og frem til 08.marts 2009 sendte Showtime 70 afsnit af den nu 15 år gamle serie. Det var tider … ‘The L-Word’ Remembered By Melissa Radzimski

‘The L-Word’ Remembered: The Lesbian Drama That Changed It All Turns 15 With a reboot on the horizon, dozens of LGBTQ community members dissect the Showtime series’ herstory. By Melissa Radzimski

Over 70 L Word indlæg //   – #TLW

L Word reboot?

Mens vi venter på nyt:

Great meeting and good times with @showtime tonight for #thelword 👭

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The L Word – 2018 // The L Word sequel //

The L Word – 2018


It’s 10 years hence since we stopped doing The L Word, so the world will be different in all the ways that the world is different now,” Chaiken told TV Guide. “We’ve made progress, we’ve backslid in some ways, we’ve gotten older, some of us, and there are new young women whose stories we’re going to tell. But I will say that The L Word in 2018 will be more reflective, more inclusive than the original show we did.

I hope we’ll be seeing Erin Daniels on the show,” Chaiken said, more as a fan than a producer. “I love Erin Daniels, and maybe there’s some way — who knows. I’ve never let go of Dana and neither has the audience… maybe we will [see her].


Update 20.nov: Men hvad betyder det?

Showtime’s ‘The L Word’ Revival Finds Its Showrunner

The L Word sequel


Det forlyder nu, at Sho rent faktisk pønser på at genoplive den gamle serie:

Sources reveal that stars Jennifer Beals, Katherine Moenig, and Leisha Hailey will executive-produce as well as appear on the series if it moves forward. Other characters from the original series may also pop up and will be paired with a whole new cast of women.

viavia // The L Word Reunion

The L Word Reunion

The L Word Reunion is here - Sarah Shahi, Mia Kirshner, Leisha Hailey, Jennifer Beals, Kate Moennig, Daniela Sea og Erin Daniels

Se hele The L Word reunion her // The L Word S01 havde premiere på Sho den 18.januar 2004. wiki.

The L Word [36:49]

Entertainment Weekly brings back the creator and stars of the hit Showtime series “The L Word” to celebrate the 13th anniversary of it’s premiere. The cast shares their favorite memories from the show and what it was like to participate in one of the most groundbreaking series of it’s time. Brand new exclusive interviews include Jennifer Beals, Mia Kirshner, and creator Ilene Chaiken.

Sakset fra // Bonus: This Just Out with Liz Feldman & special guest Kate Moennig

Vi mangler dog svar på et spørgsmål: who killed Mr Piddles

Over 70 L Word indlæg

Er det blevet til i Røvkassen – det var nu tider…

I perioden 18,januar 2004 – 08.marts 2009 sendte Showtime 70 afsnit af den nu 10 år gamle serie. TV3 snublede i deres forsøg på at vise serien i 2005, da det viste sig, at afsnittene var voldklippede og alle referencer til lesbisk strapon-sex var fjernet. DR2 sendte sæson 3 og 4 på ukristelige tidspunkter i 2008-09.

Sæson 1 og 2 har et vist og dog ujævnt niveau, men efter 3 sæson, falder kvaliteten mærkbart og sæson 4, 5 og 6 har jeg lykkeligt fortrængt. Dog har seriens betydning for vores off- og online miljø været uvurderlig!

Du kan selvfølgelig købe Det ultimative DVD-box-set med alle 6 sæsoner hos

Lword 123456

L Word wiki

They killed Mr Piddles

The Real L Word sæson 3

– det vides ikke, om der faktisk er nogen som ser denne reality-serie, men det meddeles, at Showtime viser 3.sæson fra torsdag den 12.juli, og den foregår ikke kun blandt ‘real lesbians’ i L.A. men nu også i New York – vi kan slet ikke få armene ned… 

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The Real L Word – Sæson 2

Læs mere om den nye sæson fra sho her

& Kacy, Francine, Claire, Sajdah, Whitney, RomiThe
new cast

Starter på Sho den 05.juni. Her er den første teaser

Previews episode 1: High
| Exactly
My Type

Previews episode 2: Detach

Previews episode 3: Old
| A
Big Purchase

Previews episode 4: The
Perfect Couple
| The
Other L Word

Previews episode 5: Pool
 | Hypnotism

Previews episode 6: Learning Curve |
Sisterly Advice

Previews episode 7: Am I Pregnant? | Sobriety Checkpoint

Previews episode 8: Coming Out | Sugar Momma

Previews episode 9: Pumps, Pants and Chocolate | Fertile Lilies

EP0201: In the Season 2 premiere, Whitney’s girl drama deepens when her
ex-lover Rachel moves to Los Angeles; Claire nervously contemplates a
similar cross-country relocation and a reunion with Francine, a model and
media magnate who has offered a guest bedroom; Romi and Kelsey drunkenly
celebrate a birthday; Cori and Kacy want a baby and have a sperm donor lined
up, but they’re clueless about the rest of the process; the newly out Sajdah
seeks her first lesbian relationship and finds a potential partner online.

EP0202: Romi and Kelsey’s lack of a sex life leads to another drunken
confrontation; Whitney wakes up in Sara’s bed once more, unable to deny her
attraction; Claire and Francine try to regroup; Kacy and Cori have dinner
with more male friends who could be potential sperm donors but encounter
more reluctance than they expected; Sajdah is thrilled to tell her friend
Marissa about her new romance with Chanel but Marissa warns her to proceed
with caution.

EP0203: Whitney heads north to San Francisco but fails to leave her girl
troubles behind; Romi faces the challenge of her new sobriety while still
wrestling with her and Kelsey’s sexual issues; Sajdah’s relationship with
Chanel proceeds rapidly; Kacy and Cori find a sperm donor online; Francine
counts the days until Claire moves out – and so does Claire, who is eager to

EP0204: A night out with Kacy and Cori proves to Whitney and Sara how deeply
dysfunctional they are; Sajdah’s birthday bash for Chanel takes a
heartbreaking turn; invigorated by sobriety, Romi refocuses on her career;
Claire gets her own place.

EP0205: Whitney is ready to get over Sara but her ex is scheduled to go-go
dance at an event she’s planning; Kacy and Cori go to their first meeting
with the doctor performing their procedure; Romi reexamines her relationship
with Kelsey, who can’t stay sober; Saj and Chanel are back on but their sex
life is temporarily on hold; Claire and Francine aren’t speaking but can’t
avoid each other during a night out at the club.

EP0206: Romi braces for a tough first week at her new fashion job in Las
Vegas; Cori and Kacy encounter a pregnancy timing problem while Whitney and
Alyssa use their makeup skills to help them successfully inseminate; Saj
surprises Chanel with a whirlwind day of romance; Claire calls on Vivian
when Francine leaves her belongings on the porch.

Ep0207: Kacy prays for divine intervention in her and Cori’s quest to get pregnant; Saj’s amorousness overwhelms Chanel; Romi’s investment in her jewelry line pays off when when her work draws the interest of a major designer; Francine spreads the rumor that Claire thinks the other girls are losers, leading to a showdown; Rachel interviews for her dream job at Vidal Sassoon.

Ep0208: Kacy and Cori splinter under the pressure of pregnancy problems; Whitney reaches out to Rachel just in time; Saj’s mother arrives for a visit and gets a front-row seat to the lesbian lifestyle; Romi and Kelsey fracture over alcohol; Franny considers coming out to her traditional Japanese mother.

Ep0209: Whitney and Romi grapple with their feelings for each other; Kacy and Cori pursue what may be their last chance at making a baby; after her mother leaves, Sajdah realizes she did indeed move too fast with Chanel; Francine welcomes her mother to town and braces for coming out.

Note: Weeds sæson 7 har i øvrigt premiere på sho 27.juni – frisk teaser

The Real L Word S2

Serien vi elsker at hade vender tilbage på Sho den 05.juni

The Real L Word follows a group of intriguing women – some returning & some new – as they share their personal stories at work & play, in the Los Angeles lesbian scene – all uncut & uncensored. Don’t miss the season premiere of The Real L Word – Sunday, June 5th at 10PM ET/PT.

The Real L Word

Så er de første billeder og den første promo dukket op til den nye Sho reality serie af L Word skaberen Eileen Chaiken : The Real L Word: Los Angeles

et “sjældent, flue-på-væggen indblik i livet for 6 attraktive og succesfulde LA lesbiske”.

Læs mere om de 6 her. Læs deres blogs. Se promoen her. Serien starter i USA søndag den 20.juni. The Real L Word: Behind the Scenes 


09.juni 2010: ny trailer

19.juni 2010: den første anmeldelse


Romi, Sara & Alyssa Tell All: Real L Word’s Whitneyhouse Does The Autostraddle Interview

Previews mv:

Last Live Lounge

Episode 109 Recap

Episode 109 Preview Scene 2
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Bonus Scene: Episode 108
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Live Lounge 6/27/10: Nikki and Jill

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The Real L Word Live Lounge 07/11/10 – Mikey

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Bonus Scene: Episode 103
Extended Interview: Episode 103 – Tracy 
Episode 103 recap

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Live Lounge 6/20/10: Whitney  

Extended interview epi 2 – Jill

Episode 2 recap
Bonus Scene: Episode 102  

Episode 102 Preview Clip 1
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Episode 101 Recap
Bonus Scene: Episode 101
Episode 101 Preview Clip 2
Extended Interview: Episode 101
Episode 101 Preview Clip 1

A Sit-Down with NikkiRoseWhitneyMikeyTracy  – 

Three Rivers

Efter kun 8 sendte afsnit, har CBS indtil videre lagt transplantations-serien på hylden. Det var jo ellers et absolut godkendt gensyn med Kate Moennig (Shane i The L Word) i rollen som Dr. Miranda Foster, dog i en lidt anmasende paryk, men forhåbentlig får vi de sidste 5 afsnit.

wiki |

Lesbisk natteroderi

Så er det i aften, at DR2 genoptager serien The L Word. Vi skal nu snart i gang med sæson 4 og lægger ud i nat klokken 00.35 – 01.20 med “Last Dance” (episode # 3.11): Danas begravelse….


TLW Season 6 music guide

TLW Season 6 music guide

#601 Long Night’s Journey Into Day

01. Gun – Emiliana Torrini [video] – [mp3] – [mp3]
02. Main Title – BETTY
03. Miss Shanghai – Shanghai Restoration Project [video] – [mp3] – [mp3]
04. A Place for Us – Reni Lane [myspace] – [mp3] – [mp3]
05. Jenny Shuts Door – ezgirl
06. Jenny Cries – ezgirl
07. Jenny’s angry – ezgirl
08. L’Amour, L’Amour, L’Amour – The Prototypes [mp3] – [mp3]
09. Jennys Letter – ezgirl
10. Jennys Letter – ezgirl
11. In the restaurant – ezgirl
12. Esa No Va – Heath Brennan
13. I Know I’ll See You (The Clapp Remix) – A Place To Bury Strangers [mp3] – [mp3]
14. Transition – ezgirl
15. Awkward Game – Gabriella Cilmi  [video] – [mp3] – [mp3]

#602 Least Likely

01. Recap – ezgirl
02. Keepin’ It Pretty – Genise
03. Main Title –BETTY
04. Hit – ezgirl
05. I Like It – The Emotions [mp3] – [mp3]
06. I’ve Just Been Feeling Bad – Carla Thomas
07. Who Wants Me Now – Tokay Lewis [mp3] – [mp3]
08. Bette and Jody – ezgirl
09. Proposal 1- ezgirl
10. Proposal 2- ezgirl
12. Run Run – Those Dancing Days [myspace] [youtube] [mp3] – [mp3]
12. Jenny and Shane – ezgirl
13. In the Car – ezgirl
14. Great DJ – Ting Tings [myspace] [youtube] [mp3] – [mp3]
15. Killalady – Justine Electra – [myspace] – [mp3]
16. Darwin Mustard –  Quiero Club [youtube] – [myspace] – [mp3]
17. Max and Tom – ezgirl
18. Kiss the Sun – Jen Lasher [myspace] – [imeem] – [mp3]
21. From the Valley to the Stars – El Perro Del Mar [myspace] – [youtube] – [mp3]

#603 Lmfao

01. Recap – ezgirl
02. Aaron wants to see you – ezgirl
03. Main Title – BETTY
04. Calimba Song – Justine Electra [mp3] – [mp3]
05. Alice Figures it out – ezgirl
06. Shut up and Let me Go – The Ting Tings [mp3]
07. Figuring it out – ezgirl
08. I can’t explain – The Charmless Hearts [mp3]
09. Too beautiful to be good
10. Into CU – ezgirl
11. Jenny Transition – ezgirl
12. The Look 1- ezgirl
13. The Look 2- ezgirl
14. Tina – ezgirl
15. Local Girls – Graham Parker [mp3] –  [mp3]
16. Soul Shoes – Graham Parker [mp3] – [mp3]
17. It’s out of my hands – Soul Children [mp3]
18. Rooftop – ezgirl
19. Kiss my Sticky (shameless dance remix) – BETTY (remix by Mike Thorne) [myspace] – [mp3]
20. Don’t keep me waiting – Sharleen Spiteri – [website] [myspace] [youtube] – [mp3] – [mp3]

#604 Leaving Los Angeles

01. Recap – ezgirl
02. Who Made The Man – The Staple Singers [mp3]
03. Main Title –  BETTY
04. Brown Bag –  Boogaloo Joe Jones [myspace] – [mp3]
05. Johnny Hammond Boogaloo – Johnny Hammond
06. Johnny Hammond Boogaloo – Johnny Hammond
07. 6:30 Blues –  Boogaloo Joe Jones [mp3]
08. Transition 1-  ezgirl
09. Boomchi –  Kokodozo [myspace] – [mp3]
10. Is it Love –  Mayra Casales  – [mp3]
11. Broken –  Tift Merrit [web] – [mp3] – [mp3]
12. Transition –  ezgirl
13. Fairy Tale –  MiMi and Teft [web] – [myspace] – [mp3]
14. Don’t Break Away –  Soul Children
15. Back it up –  BETTY
16. Dreaming –  Lucia Iman [myspace] – [mp3]
17. The Fruit Machine –  Ting Tings [myspace] – [mp3]
18. Transition 2 –  ezgirl
19. Another One – BETTY [mp3]

#605 Litmus Test

01. Recap – ezgirl
02. Traffic Light – Ting Tings [youtube] – [mp3]
03. Avalanche – BETTY
04. Main Title – BETTY
05. Transparence – Asobi Seksu [
] – [mp3]
06. Honey West – BETTY
07. Hatching the Plan 1 –  ezgirl
08. Enamorada –  Rue Melo [myspace] – [mp3]
09. Hatching the Plan 2 –  ezgirl
10. Wondergirl –  Genise
11. Hatching the Plan 3 –  ezgirl
12. Arcana –  Philippe Saisse
13. Hatching the Plan 4 –  ezgirl
14. Rock Shake –  Jamila Cooksey feat. Pimp da Pen
15. Hatching the Plan 5 –  ezgirl
16. Rock Shake –  Jamila Cooksey feat. Pimp da Pen
17. Giving Me Attitude – Bridgette Sarai
18. Beat Control – Tilly and the Wall [web] – [myspace] – [youtube] – [mp3 remix] – [mp3]
19. Let Go –  Amy Bell feat. Genise
20. Bubble Gum –  Thunderheist [myspace] – [mp3]
21. Syrup and Honey – Duffy [myspace] – [youtube] – [mp3]

#606 Lactose Intolerant

01. Recap – ezgirl
02. Oompa Loompa
03. Shooting Start – Les Baxter [mp3]
04. Main Title – BETTY
05. Boca Chica – Les Baxter
06. Twinkle Twinkle
07. 3 Blind Mice
08. Here we go round
09. Frere Jacques
10. Cartoonish
11. Old MacDonald
12. Old King Cole
13. The City – Les Baxter [mp3]
14. Max Shaving – ezgirl
15. Living for it – Von Iva – [myspace] – [mp3]
16. Camera Whore – Nettie Rose [myspace] – [mp3]
17. God’s Gonna Cut You Down- Costanza [imeem] – [mp3]
18. Jade Temple Budda- Shanghi Restoration Project [youtube] – [mp3]
19. Angel – Lucia Iman [web] – [myspace] [clip]
20. Did You Tell Her – BETTY [mp3]

#607 Last Couple Standing

01. Recap – ezgirl
02. Magician – Terry Dexter – [myspace]
03. Main Title –  BETTY
04. Animal – Far East Movement – [web] – [myspace] – [mp3]
05. The City Sleeps – The Charmless Hearts
06. Dances –  ezgirl
07. Discotheque – Elin Lanto -[web] – [video] – [mp3]
08. Hurt Machine – Heidi Mortenson – [web] – [myspace] – [mp3]
09. My Baby (It’s Just Love) –  BETTY – [mp3]
10. Too Many Maybes – Suzie Rose [web]
11. Strut your stuff –  ezgirl
12. Kurt’s Ballroom Tango – Kurt Farquhar
13. In The Back – ezgirl
14. Boomshake – Far East Movement – [mp3]
15. Push It – Salt n Pepa – [video] –  [mp3]
16. Low Ridin – Far East Movement – [imeem] – [mp3]
17. Back To Life – Soul to Soul – [mp3]
18. The Mating Game – Bitter:Sweet – [mp3]
19. Ghosts –  Client – [wiki] – [web] – [mp3] – [mp3]
20. Petrol – Client – [mp3] – [mp3]
21. I’ve Been Waiting for you – Costanza – [imeem] – [video] – [myspace] – [mp3]
22. Distant Dreamer – Duffy – [mp3]

#608 Last Word

01. Recap – ezgirl
02. In The Planet – ezgirl
03. Arise – Costanza [mp3] – [mp3]
04. Play – Kate Nash [mp3] – [mp3]
05. Helena and Dylan – ezgirl
06. Trust – ezgirl
07. Love Is Dead – Kerli [mp3] – [mp3]
08. Sugar Hi – Jaymes Bullet [mp3] – [mp3]
09. By Your Side- Sade [mp3] – [mp3]
10. Lovers – Habanot Nechema [myspace] – [youtube] – [mp3]
11. Sugar And Spice – The Ditty Bops [mp3] – [mp3]
12. Helena and Alice – ezgirl
13. The Last of Dylan – ezgirl
14. Fool #1 – Brenda Lee (orig ver) – [mp3] – [mp3] – (Holly Palmer)
15. A Taste Of Honey – Sarah Vaughan [mp3] – [mp3]
16. The Video – ezgirl
17. In the Attic – ezgirl
18. Never Quit Loving You – Jill Barber [mp3] – [mp3]
19. Hangin’ Hi  – Lykke Li [mp3] – [mp3]
20. Kicking Baby – ezgirl
21. Have You Seen That Girl – Lee Ann Womack [mp3] – [mp3]
22. Jenny’s Last Word – ezgirl
23. Outro – ezgirl
24. Main Title – BETTY

L Word Theme: it’s the way that we Liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiive. And Looooooooooooooooove. …