Ud over Happiest Season, har hele tre LGBT+ julefilm premiere i år …

Dashing in December:

Cowboy kærlighedsjulefilm – og jo, der er linedancing …

IMDB // RT // MC // wiki // tvshowsace omtale // pinknews omtale // towleroad omtale // US premiere 13.dec på Paramount Network

Endnu en julet lgbt-film, The Christmas Setup, er på vej:


IMDB // RT // MC // wiki // towleroad omtale // US premiere 12.dec //

Og så er der lige Hallmarks The Christmas House


IMDB // RT // MC // wiki // towleroad omtale // out omtale  // US premiere 22.nov

Note: er man til julefilm OG musicals, kan man kaste sig over ‘Dolly Parton’s Christmas on the Square’, med Christine Baranski på Netflix med 14 originale sange af Dolly Parton. // Trailer // spoilers //

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  1. Hulu’s LGBTQ Christmas movie ‘Happiest Season’ is the rom-com queer fans deserve
    With all the stress and sadness of this year, having a major movie like this come out right now is a queer holiday miracle.

    It was only this year that Lifetime announced a holiday film starring two male leads (and Fran Drescher), “The Christmas Set-Up.” Hallmark, after much petitioning from fans, is debuting its first gaycentric holiday film, “The Christmas House,” this holiday season, as well. However the crown jewel of this suddenly queer-friendly holiday season was announced all the way back in 2018, with the news that Kristen Stewart and Mackenzie Davis would be starring in a queer holiday rom-com called “Happiest Season,” directed by queer icon Clea Duvall and streaming on Hulu on Nov. 25, just in time for Thanksgiving.

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