The L Word – 2018


It’s 10 years hence since we stopped doing The L Word, so the world will be different in all the ways that the world is different now,” Chaiken told TV Guide. “We’ve made progress, we’ve backslid in some ways, we’ve gotten older, some of us, and there are new young women whose stories we’re going to tell. But I will say that The L Word in 2018 will be more reflective, more inclusive than the original show we did.

I hope we’ll be seeing Erin Daniels on the show,” Chaiken said, more as a fan than a producer. “I love Erin Daniels, and maybe there’s some way — who knows. I’ve never let go of Dana and neither has the audience… maybe we will [see her].


Update 20.nov: Men hvad betyder det?

Showtime’s ‘The L Word’ Revival Finds Its Showrunner

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